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Lucy has over 20 years experience instructing both in the United Kingdom and the United States. She has been teaching on riding simulators for over 15 years, here are a very few of the testimonials she has received from time teaching with Roo and her previously simulator Barney.

I’ve been riding with Lucy and Barney for nearly a year now and although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed benefitting from Lucy’s experience, the thing that has intrigued me the most is that Lucy has never taught me whilst on my (tricky, sharp) own pony, Flicker – yet the difference in him has been really noticable. The sessions on Barney take the pressure off of a real horse and have helped me to find new ways of helping Flicker. She has an innate ability to ‘root-cause’ with a rider, and help tackle whatever it is in a direct, honest but easy to grasp way.

I’ve found Lucy’s style of coaching to be flexible and innovative. Because a friend and I had our sessions together, I witnessed first hand Lucy’s ability to match her style to the individual’s learning/riding style – this is a modern way of coaching, and one that I feel is regularly missed by many. Lucy does this inherently and sensitively, and I believe this is the reason I’ve been able to take on board her guidance and apply it in real life to see such positive results. Well worth the 1hr15 drive to get to her!

Thank you Lucy and Barney! (Flick says thank you too!) x


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