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Improving the rider to help the horse


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A bit about us


After 20 years teaching Lucy has made the difficult decision to take a break and try other things, her last day teaching on Barney will be 15th June 2022. 

Lucy says: I have had an amazing time teaching with Barney over the last 12 years and have learnt so much. I feel privileged to have been able to gain such an insight into what it takes to develop a strong bond with the horse both on and off the ground. As well as understanding the messages and challenges we present to our horses without realising, and the effect that can have on the partnership between horse and rider.

I have enjoyed almost every single lesson I have ever taught :) and hope that those of you who have ridden Barney have enjoyed it too.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have supported me along the way.

I'm moving away from the equine industry to pursue a career in childcare.

Lessons are available until 15th June 2022. As a little farewell please see my last course offer below

Goodbye deal - Four 50 minute lessons 20% off (valid until 15th June 2022).

Lucy is BHS qualified and has taught people to ride for over 20 years. Lucy started teaching on Barney in 2009 as Riding for Recovery, and has helped a wide range of clients of all ages and abilities to develop not only riding positions but their understanding of the relationship between horse and rider. 

Lucy and Barney can help:

  • Develop an understanding of how your position on the horse effects your balance and feel. 

  • Talk you through the commonly used riding instructions breaking them down step by step.

  • Understand  your style of learning and how you use that to communicate with your horse.

  • Understand how tension in the rider affects the way you use your body and the messages you may be sending to your horse. 

  • Improve confidence levels.

  • Tailor each lesson to suit you and your horses individual needs.

  • Improve fitness levels.

Many of Lucy’s clients have found that the difference in their horse’s way of going is instant once Lucy and Barney help you correct the rider errors.

Barney is a Ridemaster Simulator. The Ridemaster simulates a real 15.2hh medium build horse. The horse is perfectly schooled and capable of walk, trot and canter as well as flying changes. The neck is movable and the leg aids are detected by ‘on the girth’ and ‘behind the girth’ sensors. Barney can either be controlled by the rider with the sensors or by Lucy.

Barney comes with a saddle, or you are welcome to bring your own.

It's difficult to put into words exactly what you can get out of Barney, but one of our lovely clients has given a fantastic insight into a lesson here.

What we offer

Taster Sessions

Just want to try it out? See what it's all about? Taster sessions give you 20 minutes on Barney with instruction from Lucy. It's long enough to understand the benefits of Barney before committing to a full lesson, or while building up fitness.


A full lesson gives you 50 minutes on Barney with expert instruction from Lucy. Barney the Riding Simulator is a perfect training aid allowing the rider time to focus solely on their position. Under Lucy’s watchful eye and with Barney’s endless patience, the rider has the time to develop a straight, supple, independent, effective seat.


Instruction on your own horse

If you want to book a series of lessons, each building on the last then a course is for you. Courses are offered at a 10% discount compared to booking lessons separately, and you can choose to take the lessons anytime (subject to availability) within 6 months of purchase.

Lucy offers instruction on your own horse to help you transfer the lessons from Barney to connection with your horse. Please get in touch with Lucy for more information.

Improving the rider to help the horse.


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