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Riding Simulator by Lucy McWilliam

Improving the rider to improve the horse

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We offer 1-to-1  and group sessions on our state of the art dressage simulator.

Suitable for any age or ability lessons are tailored to suit your individual needs.

The Simulator provides an opportunity to focus solely on your position giving you the chance to develop a strong foundation whilst recognising the effect you may be having on your horse and how to work in partnership. 

About Us

I'm Lucy


I'm Lucy, the face of the Riding Simulator by Lucy McWilliam. I have worked with horses since 1998 starting as a working pupil and working my way up to the equestrian lead.

I first came across riding simulators when I was given the opportunity to teach on Frank (one of the early models). It was a real learning curve. Teaching on the simulator is different to teaching on a real horse. Understanding exactly how much of an influence the rider is on the real horse and finding a way to explain that to the rider opened up a whole new way of teaching for me.

I worked alongside some lovely clients and quickly realised the benefits the simulators could bring to not only the rider but the horse too. After much persuasion from one particular client I took the plunge and brought my own new simulator - Barney - in 2009.

I worked with Barney for 14 years. This allowed me to see was how different everyone's journey with riding is. No matter your background or how much money you spent on your horse, without a strong foundation we all end up with similar issues.

I have taught hundreds of people to ride and no one lesson is exactly the same. I believe the secret to a successful riding partnership is understanding your horse's character and finding a learning style that you both understand and can develop and adapt as you need.

I love watching people realise that they can ride and it was simply a case of finding the right route for them. The best teacher is always the horse whether that be real or plastic.

The Riding Simulator

My name is Roo

Roo the riding simulator is a life sized mechanical horse. It walks, trots, canters, and being well bred by Racewood can even turn her hoof at advanced dressage movements such as piaffe and half pass.

As with your real horse you can ride in a GP or dressage saddle and wear your normal riding clothes or comfortable trousers and sensible footwear (clean boots only please, Roo isn't fond of baths!).

The horse is controlled by either the instructor or rider. When the rider has control the horse responds to your commands the same way as a real horse.

You can practice all sorts including transitions, rein contact, rising and sitting trot, and lateral work.

Roo also has a screen which shows you your balance and position in the saddle while collecting information from rein and leg sensors.

There is also a practice dressage test which can be played back for deeper analysis.


What we offer

Taster Sessions

Just want to try it out? See what it's all about? Taster sessions give you 10 minutes on Roo with instruction from Lucy.  It's long enough to understand the benefits of Roo the Riding Simulator before committing to a full lesson. Please send Lucy a message if you would like to book one (see contact me below).


A full lesson gives you 55 minutes (or 30 for a half lesson) on Roo with expert instruction from Lucy. Roo the Riding Simulator is a perfect training aid allowing the rider time to focus solely on their position. Under Lucy’s watchful eye and with Roo’s endless patience, the rider has the time to develop a straight, supple, independent, effective seat.


Instruction on your own horse

If you want to book a series of lessons, each building on the last then a course is for you. Courses are offered at a 10% discount compared to booking lessons separately, and you can choose to take the lessons anytime (subject to availability) within 6 months of purchase.

Lucy offers instruction on your own horse to help you transfer the lessons from Roo to connection with your horse. Please get in touch with Lucy for more information.

Improving the rider to improve the horse.


Find Me

Contact Me

Roo is located at Wymondham Windmill, Butt Lane, Wymondham, near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire,
LE14 2BU (see map below).  There is a free car park.

Got a question? Phone or text Lucy on the number below, or use the form (make sure to include your contact details).


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